Stills & Postcards From The Centre
SN01, April 2011

Quiet, emptiness, and silence.

What do we hear when there's nothing to listen to?
What do we listen to when there's nothing to hear?

Sound artist Peter Lenaerts went to the Australian desert hoping to find nothing. From Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north, he travelled 3000km hoping to hear nothing.

The first part of this album - Postcards - is part road trip, part audio documentary: rest stops and roadhouses, homesteads and small settlements; an old cemetery and abandoned telegraph station; radio reports and a sunrise at the rock in Uluru.
The second part - Stills - is almost 20 minutes of near silence, or an attempt at capturing the absence of sound.

"When you escape to a desert, the silence screams in your ear."

Recorded 8-12 February, 2010 in South Australia & 29 July-4 August, 2010 in The Northern Territory.

With the support of the Flemish authorities and Critical Path, Sydney.

Thanks to Amber Ma, Manon Santkin, Ezra Eeman.