Piano Peripheric
Manon Santkin & Peter Lenaerts
SN02, April 2011

Acoustics, architecture, and piano.

Instant compositions scored in real-time in one uninterrupted movement through different rooms and spaces.

A piano player improvises in an empty room. Over time the recordist travels around and away from the piano and explores first the space, then the adjacent rooms and floors of the building. While the pianist plays with the acoustics and reverberation of the room, his playing is further shaped and transformed by how the recordist uses the different rooms and their features. The architecture becomes an editing device that changes the texture and quality of the recordings continuously.

#1 Nicolas Couturier (piano) Manon Santkin (recordist)
recorded in PAF, St-Erme, in April 2010
#2 Simon James Phillips (piano) Peter Lenaerts (recordist)
recorded in Podewil, Berlin during Tanz im August 2008

Thanks to Kerstin Schroth