SN05, July 2013

“There’s no anger or violence here. Just lust and desire.”

The first loop sounds accidental. With the second loop there’s recognition and confirmation. The third time around the focus has shifted.

These tracks might sound harsh and chaotic at first. Everyday sounds twisted and turned inside out, bumping into each other, brutally interrupted by digital silence.
With every listen though, patterns and subtle arrangements emerge, not just within the tracks, but within the overall structure of the album. Reality as we hear it everyday is not static, it can always be recomposed.

These field recordings have been worked and woven into carefully constructed compositions. And when they cut to digital silence, they bring us back to where they started. We just hear it with different ears.


Most of the recordings and compositions were made in the frame of the performance-concept Keine-Spiele (with Shila Anaraki) between 2001-2005.

The recordings were almost all made with binaural microphones (OKM) and a mini-disc player.